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I was born in the disco decade and new on-trend fads often disappoint (not disco, though—Donna Summer forever!). But the fact is, something needs to move from ‘fad’ to ‘trend’ to ‘tried and true’ to get my attention—let alone my trust. Though skincare’s ‘slugging’ method has been around for some time, it’s been experiencing a major revival lately. ‘Slugging’ involves applying an occlusive barrier to the skin, allowing it to absorb skincare without being exposed to air (and thus, helping the skincare absorb better), resembling a slug trail. Not a bad concept, but I don’t want to slather my face with the commonly-used Vaseline (I can’t imagine the oily hellscape that is this crowd’s sheets and laundry.)

But during this harsh winter, while looking for a Vaseline-free treatment to combat cold weather’s effects, I came across Korean-made Loops Beauty masks and decided to give them a try. Actress Camila Mendes is Loops’ Creative Director and partner, so the masks frequently pop up in her Instagram posts. The Dream Sleep Nighttime Slugging Hydrogel Face Mask borrows the concept of slugging but incorporates natural oils from ingredients like macadamia nuts, jojoba, grape seeds, and evening primrose instead of petroleum jelly. You only apply them for a ‘loop,’ or just 10 minutes before bedtime, and they’re said to “restore, tone, plump and hydrate” your face.

Dream Sleep Nighttime Slugging Hydrogel Face Mask (5-pack)

Afterward, my skin felt hydrated, plump, and smooth, but the remarkable part was that the effect lasted a few days, like I had had a spa-grade facial. My skin looked especially nice the next day, which means I’ll be using the masks weekly and before any social events going forward. It was one of the more relaxing and painless beauty mask effects I’ve tried recently.

After rinsing my face, I opened the sleek packaging to a jelly-laden clear mask. The mask consists of two parts, one each for the upper and lower face and, if I had time, I might have tried to stick one to my neck after my first loop. While initially, I thought it a little messy, I quickly got the hang of it. There was extra serum left over after applying the mask, which I kept scooping onto my dry hands. I set out to relax for ten minutes, and the cooling, calming effect was a real treat.

Loops Beauty makes several types of cruelty-free masks, depending on your skincare needs, made without nasties like parabens and mineral oil. Next on my list to try is the eye masks. The brand also offers bundles, if you’d like to try a few different ones. Available directly from the Loops Beauty website and at Ulta, give these masks a try if you too are looking for a hydrating, smoothing skin treat that feels really nice–and skip the slugs.


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