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50 thoughts on “Defence is an Artwork”
  1. Nesta and maldini locked Messi down in that match vs Barca. Those who say no one could stop messi never saw the 2 best defenders of all time shut him down 1v1.

  2. Is being a defender the ultimate cuckoldry?

    I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than being a defender. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are defending the goal, maintaining possession, passing the ball up, for an entire match solely so another man can finish the ball and score. All the hard work you put into your team – keeping up your fitness, training every day, learning match tactics, making creative plays, taking cards for the team. All of it has one simple result: Another man will score to the roar of the crowd and media.

    played the perfect game? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random striker who had nothing to do with it except tapping in one of 6 through single balls. He gets the media deal. He gets the hattricks, goals per season and highlights packages of kicking it to your left and running past you to beat you.

    As a defender, you are LITERALLY dedicating an entire match so that your goalie can stand around doing nothing except yelling at people and get paid. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically.

  3. i never knew messi had failures! Sounds like if your a pro defender you dont have to be scared of anything, just put your skill to use and kick the ball away!

  4. As a defender, I feel like our role is the most important role in soccer/football and yet we don’t get talked about. Attackers are also important because we need to score obviously, but without defenders we will not win/get scored on so that’s why I feel that defenders are very important. (My opinion)

  5. Wer Frieden fühlt…wirklich fühlt braucht weder defense noch Offense ich suche Anschluss und keinen Krieg oder Konflikt mehr…thx 😁😁😇 Happy i am a believer now thx nothing and Air with me and You If you are ready for it

  6. This is so beatiful editted video but not enough to say defending is art. Because there is not Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Pique and other best defenders of football history. The best one is S Ramos.

  7. As a left winger who used to play as a right back this shows how fun and how much of a strong job you have to do as a defender.when I played defence.I stopped a lot of counter attacks that could’ve put my team in a bad position on the leaderboard, I used to play in division 8 but I’m now in division 2 now,so a massive improvement.

  8. 0:49
    Isso é uma aula gratuita pra quem quer aprender a defender melhor, ele é mais lento porém não cede espaço e corre sempre procurando referência pro bote no final, não precisa ser mais rápido que o atacante, ganha o lance quem tiver mais atento, foda demais. 👏

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