Andreea Matei made a bunch of video reviews for, Inc. AMZN products. Then all of a sudden the money started pouring in.

What To Know: According to a CNBC report, Matei caught the bug for reviewing Amazon products as a side hustle when she first received $1.28 in commission based on one of her short videos. Since then she has made close to $22,000 in eight months from approximately 1,000 videos.

Amazon has an influencer program that pays members a commission based on sales that take place after a consumer watches a video review. 

In November, Matei decided to give it a try and it wasn’t long before she was hooked.

“I made $40 a day, then $50 the next day, then $100. I had to keep going. It was so much fun,” Matei said.

Most of her videos are about a minute long and they take up to 20 minutes to film and edit. According to documents reviewed by CNBC, she’s averaging about $2,700 a month in passive income from her review videos and she only spends about three hours a week filming and editing content.

“Once you create videos, it’s totally passive. I have not had any time to make videos this week, and the money still keeps coming in,” Matei said.  

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She started off reviewing products that she could see herself using around the house, but after she started generating significant income, Amazon sellers started reaching out to her. Now sellers send her free products and pay her to review them and post the videos on social media. 

The payouts for different products vary greatly and Amazon is always changing how its algorithms work, but it’s well worth her time, she said, adding it keeps her from getting burned out at her day job where she teaches clients how to grow their small businesses. 

“Amazon is fickle, so I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket. But my goal is to make it a six-figure side hustle on top of my regular business,” Matei said.

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Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.

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