Singapore, Aug. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After the release of the UXUY APP test version on August 8th, users are formally invited to experience the next generation DEX with no seed phrase vulnerability. The global public beta testing event for ‘My First MPC Wallet‘ will commence at midnight (UTC) on August 14th. Users who successfully participate in the beta testing will receive UXUY credit gas quota, on-chain OAT commemorative badges, and a share of the 10,000 USDT prize pool.

UXUY – My First MPC Wallet
As a decentralized trading platform based on MPC wallet technology, UXUY brings a CEX-like trading experience with features such as no seed phrases, seamless cross-chain transactions, and exclusive gas credit quotas. UXUY is ready to become your first MPC wallet.

No Seed Phrases
UXUY, as a non-custodial MPC wallet, effectively mitigates seed phrase vulnerability. It currently employs a 2-2 sharding model, where users possess one shard, and Platform Validators hold the other; users can choose from various backup methods for their user shard, while Platform Validator shards are backed up across multiple clouds to ensure asset security. UXUY is presently developing a social recovery version, which will upgrade to a 2-3 sharding model. The third shard will be safeguarded by a third party designated by the user, thereby achieving diversified wallet security and recovery.
Upholding a decentralized ethos and embodying ‘Your Crypto, You Control,’ UXUY employs the MPC wallet solution to minimize the barriers to using decentralized applications.

Seamless Cross-Chain Transactions
Through the creation of uPool and the establishment of Multi-chain Pipe, UXUY facilitates the convenient use of stablecoins like USDT and USDC for trading, bridging the experience gap between DEX and CEX. The seamless cross-chain process relies on native assets, reducing the scale of wrapped assets and significantly enhancing transaction immediacy.
UXUY also advocates for reducing wrapped assets entering Defi protocols to prevent TVL leverage bubbles and help users avoid systemic risks on-chain.

GasPool: Exclusive Gas Credit Quotas
UXUY introduces GasPool, allowing users to obtain an exclusive gas credit quota (10 USDT) with zero barriers for transaction gas payments. During the global public beta testing event for ‘My First MPC Wallet,’ the first 10,000 participants will each enjoy a 100 USDT gas credit quota.
GasPool includes the Gas-free feature, enabling traders to complete transactions without depending on native tokens.

To participate in the beta testing, users need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Download the APP from and complete the installation and account creation.
  2. Join our Telegram.
  3. In the Telegram group, provide your testing feedback, and the UXUY review team will allocate corresponding rewards based on your questions.

After the conclusion of the ‘My First MPC Wallet’ global beta testing event, the UXUY team will publicly announce the list of winners and distribute rewards to your UXUY account.

About UXUY:

UXUY is the next-gen decentralized multi-chain trading platform that provides users with a CEX-like trading experience by establishing a “stablecoin-centric” environment. Following the philosophy of “Follow Smart Money,” UXUY significantly reduces the barriers to social trading on the blockchain. It supports mainstream public chains and integrates the advantages of “wallet + trading,” actively participating in the construction of the “Unclaimed” ecosystem.

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