Cardano’s research team comprises more than 168 individuals, instead of claims centralization in a few hands.

Amid popular claims of Cardano centralization, a prominent figure in the community took to X to remind the crypto community that Cardano is not based upon the work of a single entity.

Over 168 in Cardano Research

In particular, Rick McCracken, a Cardano Stake Pool Operator (SPO), tweeted about the army of people behind Cardano. McCracken argued that Cardano (ADA) has a research team comprising no fewer than 168 people.

The SPO highlighted that Cardano represents the collaborative effort of researchers from various organizations and parts of the world. According to McCracken, this implies that Cardano is not subject to the whims of any individual. In the Cardano SPO’s words:

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“Cardano’s research stems from at least 168 people from various organizations and parts of the globe, and is not reliant on any one individual.” 

Furthermore, the tweet included an image displaying the researchers’ names who contributed to Cardano. Interestingly, McCracken claimed to have manually compiled the names of the over 168 Cardano researchers.

Also, he noted that the list is not an exhaustive compilation, as there could be omissions and errors. It is worth mentioning the list did not capture prominent Cardano figures such as Charles Hoskinson or Jeremy Wood.

Bitcoin Maxi Attacks Cardano

Meanwhile, McCracken’s compilation comes amid a claim by a Bitcoin maxi, Vlad. The influencer claimed blockchains like Cardano exist to help various governments to build tracking technologies. 

According to the Bitcoin maxi, Cardano is a suitable network for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and other ‘Orwellian tracking.’ 

When confronted with counter facts about Cardano, Vlad remarked: 

“What happens if Charles disappears tomorrow.”

In defense, the Cardano enthusiast leading the exchange shared McCracken’s list of over 168 people. The retort implies the Cardano ecosystem will be much alive without Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson.

Notably, the commenter highlighted that CBDCs issued on the Cardano blockchain would be permissionless.

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